The Diary of an Entrepreneur — #3 Brunch With A Side of Entrepreneurship

Hannah Schwartz
3 min readJan 14, 2024

The magic of entrepreneurship is the ability to work from anywhere. I am not talking about the option to work on your laptop from a beach or having your meeting by phone while in Italy.

No, what I mean is that as an entrepreneur you have the ability to work with what you have wherever you are. Now of course this carries the negative weight of “when can I stop working, when am I off the clock?” But that is not a discussion about the ability to work from anywhere, that is actually a discussion about goal setting, business guidelines, and boundaries. We can dive into that another day.

Today I had to leave my apartment to get work done. The apartment building was noisy and I couldn’t focus. I decided to make a day out of it and took myself to brunch before going to a café to work. But wait, there was a 45 minute wait for brunch. I debated taking myself to a less desirable brunch spot or to skip it altogether and grab a bite with my coffee at the café so that I could get to work earlier. And then I realized, I could just work from my car while parked in the lot while I waited for my table for 1. You see I had my mind set on eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce!

While in my car creating social media content for Tik Tok I realized!

The magic of entrepreneurship isn’t working from anywhere, the real magic is being able to work anywhere no matter what you have at your disposal.

Only have your phone: You can work on social media content, edit your google calendar, look over emails, call colleagues, listen to a podcast that inspires you.

Only have your computer: You can work on the tech side of business, your systems, your spreadsheets, your emails, your computer based business work.

Only have a notebook: You can brainstorm how to get more eyes on your current idea, write a blog post, dream up what life could look like for your business in 5 years, write out social media content ideas.

Only have yourself and an empty white wall: You can close your eyes and imagine your future, you can accept an award in business and give a speech to manifest just that, you can goal set and think of how to go after that next big thing.

The magic of entrepreneurship is that there are so many difference avenues to do business AND all of which are necessary for growth.

One does not work without the other,
one is not more valuable than the other,
and most importantly,
one is not a better use of your time than the other.

It’s not about working while you travel or sitting on a beach while on a meeting. I don’t know about you, but personally I would rather not work while on vacation. I want to enjoy the beach.

It’s about working with what you have, when you want to.

So today, while I waited for my table at brunch to get that eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, I sat in my car and created Tik Tok content. I saved so many drafts and even surprised myself with the content ideas I had. At brunch I took B-Roll content to use later.

And that brings us to right now, sitting in a café ready to get to work realizing I have been effortlessly working all day. Now I get to work on the things that I can do from a small laptop, a notebook, and the distractions of a coffee shop.

That my friends is what I would like to call…

Brunch with a side of entrepreneurship

Hannah Schwartz
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Hannah Schwartz

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