The Day of the Week

Hannah Schwartz
2 min readDec 23, 2022

The mere difference between dreaming and living the dream

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Sitting in calm with a racing mind. Spinning while standing still. Opportunity behind every door, getting lost in thought of the potential to come. Living the unknown. The ever satisfying feeling of risk. The planning, forming of ideas into tangible possibilities. Concepts that capture attention, projects that bring ease, and products that exude joy.

The moment when creativity and strategy intertwine bringing plan to possibility. Ideas that become opportunities, opportunities that become leaps, leaps that become success. Not for the outcome, but for the adventure. The dream worth living.

“You never know until you try” Should be amended to

“you never dream until you try”

Or better yet, “You never know until you dream”

Placing strategy behind idea is the mere difference between dreaming and living the dream. Creating tangible from the intangible. Placing goals behind dreams, numbers behind possibilities, and celebration behind success. Where dreaming can become your average Tuesday. Where success can become your celebration Friday. Where big leaps happen with your Thursday cup of coffee.

The days of the week become your wonderland, your best adventure, your journey of a lifetime. The days of the week become your playground to success. Your moments of bliss, your quiet, your calm, your leaps, your everlasting wheel of fortune.

The days of the week become your dream, and your dream becomes the day of the week.



Hannah Schwartz

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