Dear Younger Me


Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

I want to begin by holding you here. It is hard to live in or write from a place of worry. Worry that those you love may one day….


and therefore you fear giving them eternity with ink. What a beautiful fear, trying to protect future you from pain.

As future you, I can tell you that the sharing of love today will not lessen or greaten the pain of tomorrow. But, what it may do, is withdraw from your happiness and love of and for today.

Live in it all, whether is stays or goes, live in it.
The beauty.
Allow words that hold you in love, and let me, future you, handle any of what may be whenever that is.

I have you, you have me



Hannah Schwartz

Start with Hannah — SWEMagazine, Business Strategist, & Community Builder @StartWithHannah @swemagazine @swecommunity