And I Choose Greatness

Hannah Schwartz
3 min readMar 14, 2023


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Good morning beautiful world. Good morning understanding. Good morning to difficult things that create progress. Good morning to the perspective of things being done not to me, but for me. Good morning to my soul that keeps me grounded, my heart that keeps me whole, and my mind that keeps me striving for more.

I have been met with pain and hurt once again. Words that cut my inner child like blades on butter. Words that hurt the adult version of me with thoughts of “how am I in this position again, have I not grown?” Remembering that life is an array of things including patterns that we may not embrace as they make their next round. Knowing that pattern takes time to unravel and reprogram, and that breaking the pattern can be as simple as acknowledging how much time has passed since the previous chain occurrence. Then comparing that to the time between the pattern occurrence before that.

For growth and life changes come from intention and acknowledgement. And life pain comes without remourse nor reason, and most importantly, without fault. We are not deserving or undeserving of pain, hurt, guilt.

We Are. Period.

We are human, living life moment to moment, day to day. Creating our happiness as we can and as we know. Hoping we’ve done it right, holding no blame for if we may have done it wrong. For doing it wrong makes no sense when the action held intention of “right” but the outcome was not what we had hoped for.

We can’t be doing life wrong when we held intention for happiness. Seeking joy, calm, solace, energy, on the road of intentional living.

And yet, with knowing all this to be true, my inner child cries, my inner critic writes their longest one-star review to date, and I, I feel pain and injustice. The idea of “this isn’t fair” and “why me” swarms my feelings and creates a cocoon of painful comfort. Painful for the feelings and comfort of being here before.

Am I doing this wrong, am I doing life wrong?

Is my head too big believing that I can and will succeed? Is my pride too great as I strive for greatness? Am I wrong for whole heartedly believing that I can….and I will? It’s a knowing I’ve had my entire life. The understanding, the innate knowing that what I become in my life will be worth it all because I’ll make it.

Am I wrong?

Even if I am, is their harm in the believing and feeling of greatness?


Can it be that this moment of patterned pain in my life is the next best thing to happen to me? And it came at just the right time, in just the right way? Can it be that I needed this, that this is here for me? Can it be that what I do next will be my next best step on my adventure? Perhaps I’m better equipped at this moment than ever before, and maybe life gave me struggle so I could fly instead of walk.

Maybe this pain and hurt does not hold explanation of any passed wrongdoing, but of next best steps to reach more life goals.

Good morning pain, good morning hurt, good morning stress, and good morning struggle. What’s coming next is and will be incredible. Welcome to the adventure. Stay as long as you need and then close the door on your way out. This isn’t your story, it’s mine…

and I choose greatness



Hannah Schwartz

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